Declaration of Independence from the Four Freedoms

11 July 2005. Manila, I have had enough of your Noise of Democracy, your No’s of Democracy. French economist & writer Jacques Attali tells me, “Nothing essential happens in the absence of noise.” But not your noise, Manila. I now declare independence from your noise.

Manila, I am declaring independence from The Four Freedoms that you advocate in theory and practice: (1) freedom of speech & expression, (2) freedom of worship, (3) freedom from want, and (4) freedom from fear.

Manila, today I declare freedom from freedom. I now realize that freedom is good in theory but not in practice – you cannot easily measure it, so you cannot easily monitor it. In the 1960s, Dean Ricardo Pascual of the University of the Philippines used to explain freedom in these words: “You are free to swing your arm short of my nose.” Now I know: In all my 65 years, freedom has encouraged many people to swing their arms short of my nose.

(I am in fact copying from my Blogger Websites, and I don’t know if the above is followed by the below.) 

Starting now, I declare myself independent of The Four Freedoms – instead, I declare myself dependent on my own brainchild, The Four Accesses:

Access to media, not simply freedom of speech & expression – for the rich & poor, educated & uneducated, bred & ill-bred.
Access to Church, not simply freedom of worship – for public & private individuals & groups, inside & outside institutions.
Access to supply, not simply freedom from want – for the haves & have-nots.
Access to security, not simply freedom from fear – for the leaders & followers, employers & employees, young & old.

Manila, access goes beyond freedom. Freedom and access are both exercises, but only access guarantees itself. Freedom curtails, access retails. Access is thinking globally and acting locally. Freedom is a device of the essential individualist; access is a device of the essential socialist. Freedom is human rights; access is social rights. Give me access or give me death!


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