Smart talk, Internet talk

September 19, Smart Communications installed at our place a WiFi setup, with antenna, running at 128 kbps. So we have been enjoying wireless Internet. From there, I have learned to set up a home or small office network of 2 desktop computers and 1 laptop. I learned from the neighboring Shepherd Tech Internet café to use a router so that all PCs can surf the Internet at the same time and run on the same speed: 128 kbps.

With our ‘home office’ network, I have learned to copy files from one PC to another without the use of a CD Writer (you need two CD writers to copy from one PC to the other), or a flash drive (no problem; it’s fast, that’s why it’s called a flash drive), or a lap link (it’s cumbersome and it’s slow I’ll never walk that way again). How did I learn to do all that? Using some experience and some logic. I also enough to ask questions of people who know more.

The network is very useful when you want to copy installation files which are sometimes 1 CD-full, or document files, or thousands of cliparts, or hundreds of fonts. With WiFi and the network, I don’t have to go out of the house anymore to surf the Internet; I don’t have to leave the house anymore and worry about forgetting the flash drive; I don’t have to download files and pay for the long time. Best of all, all my children are now at home when they want to surf for their learning or to satisfy their curiosity, and when they have to do their homework, or play games. I have 2 daughters in college and 1 in high school, so being out there at night is a concern. WiFi is faster than your dial-up and as fast as a few of the Internet café setups around town and faster than many in Los Baños. Still, the advantages of WiFi goes beyond speed and ease of use. Go discover!

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