Filipinos, Barbarians, Pirates

February 16, 2006

Filipinos: Barbarians, pirates, incapable of civilization!1902. Stalemate at the US Congress. Then a learned gentleman, a Congressman from Wisconsin, Henry Cooper, thunders his appeal for reason and faith, reason from American laws and tradition, and faith in the barbarians, pirates and savages who have given the world its first genius of a peacemaker by the name of Jose Rizal: he had died gladly and willingly for his country. Cooper tells his fellow lawmakers:

On the night before his death, he wrote a poem. I will read it, that the House may know what were the last thoughts of this ‘pirate,’ this ‘barbarian,’ this ‘savage,’ of a race ‘incapable of civilization!’

Another excerpt from my book indios bravos!


The challenge to freedom. I say there are three freedoms: of the body, of the mind, and of the spirit. Gandhi’s challenge to the British rulers was for bodily freedom (political and economic independence); Rizal’s challenge to the Spanish conquistadors was for all three (political, intellectual, and spiritual independence).

Another excerpt from indios bravos! Jose Rizal as Messiah of the Redemption
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