3 eternal questions

The 3 Eternal Questions:
Truth, beauty and goodness

When some people talk about Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the President of the Philippines, they can talk neither articulately nor intelligently about her. She gets their goat! They simply condemn her as someone who is bad (black), implying that they are simply good (white), especially calling her as simply a liar, someone who cannot or refuses to tell the truth. That is because some people don’t look beyond their own truths.

You will be surprised what you learn if you look beyond your reach. Today, just a few minutes ago, I decide to look in the Internet what ‘arroyo’ means and babylon.com brings me to Wikipedia (the free encyclopedia), which tells me that an ‘arroyo is an intermittently dry creek.’ Actually, the original reads like this: ‘an intermittantly dry creek.’ The footnote says that the Arroyo page was last modified 5 May 2006 by Phatty; I look deeper and it says the first entry was made by BDAbramson on 8 July 2005. Remember, Wikipedia is an encyclopedia anyone can edit – what I have just found out means that for almost 10 months now, nobody has noticed the mistake and/or cared enough to correct it. (I’m not going to edit it – let’s see how much more time passes by before someone rights the wrong. In any case, I have just print-screened the page in case I need it for reference or proof later. If you want to check right now, clink http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arroyo – where ‘clink’ is a word I’m coining from ‘click the link.’)

To me, that ‘Arroyo’ page is an excellent illustration not that Wikipedia is bad but that you can find human errors even when you’re not looking for them: they’re everywhere. Which means if you go out looking for them, you will find a million more. Which means you can make it a career looking for mistakes. Which is exactly the preoccupation of those who oppose GMA. Which means if all you can see is that GMA can’t do anything right, you too are in the opposition, and your mental exercise is jumping to conclusions. I pity you because you’re not enjoying your own exercise! An exercise in futility.

You want GMA to tell the truth. What is Truth? asks Pontius Pilate and does not stay for an answer. The GMA oppositionists are like that, the outs, the dreamers too, including the putchists, including those who are not using their head, or only using their head, whether they are in wolf’s or sheep’s clothing. All they want is truth, rightness, verity, veracity. They want the truth from others, but not from themselves. Veracity, how many crimes are committed in thy name!

It’s biblical. Why does not Pontius Pilate wait for the answer? Today, I believe it is because he knows the question is not enough: ‘What is Truth?’ I, along with the Pontius Pilates and the Judases among us, must also ask two other questions: ‘What is Beauty?’ and ‘What is Goodness?’ The 3 Questions. The 3 Eternal Questions. I pray your answers are not as good as mine – but better!

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