I blog, therefore I am.

Emma wishes the world would disppear

The World According To Garp

I read that book when I was young, I don’t remember how young (I’m now 66 as I write this 17 October 2006) and who the author was (it’s John Irving, I just surfed for it), and I remember that I liked it. Was it all about control now? I didn’t think so. Being a writer, I was after how the story was told. I enjoyed it thoroughly – you must read it sometime.

In any case, Marie Javet tells me that TS Garp had always wanted to be in control, to ‘make the world safe. For children and for grown-ups’ (Discussing Books, discussingbooks.cohprog.com/). So Garp ends up being a writer because, writing is ‘trying to keep everyone alive, forever. Even the ones who must die in the end. They’re the most important to keep alive.’ Marie tells me: ‘By writing, Garp plays God.’

When I was young, I wanted to play God too. Not exactly to control the world, but to change the world. The United States was an imperialist in Vietnam; Filipino leaders and dealers were running dogs of either White or Red imperialists; and the Peace Corps Volunteers were welcome everywhere, except in the Philippines. In College, I wrote that we didn’t need John Kennedy’s Peace Corps – out of College, a Peace Corps Volunteer became one of my best friends. You can’t wish the world to go away; you can but it’s not good for you. On that note, there’s an apt image by Erin MJ who captions it ‘Emma wishes the world would disappear’ (flickr.com/). (I thank MJ for allowing me to use her beautiful photograph for this non-commercial commercial.) You can’t change the world, but you can change yourself. Like, one or two months ago, I decided to stop trying to earn money from my blogging (away all ads!) and just concentrate on my blogging. If you go after the income, you are going to want more, so that you are in fact selling yourself to the highest bidder; you are prostituting yourself. In my blogging, I want to sell ideas, not products or services. (Revised in, 18 October 2006)

Today, I don’t want to change the world like I used to; I want to change the world by changing somebody’s thinking about the world. One somebody at a time. Maybe you. (Despite all the troubles we’re in, and we’re in plenty, the world is a lovely place. Where else would I be?)

Like: The United Nations is up in arms against North Korea having ‘nuclear capabilities’ – ultimately and obstinately, a nuclear bomb. Somebody shouts: ‘North Korea is a danger to the world!’ Somebody emails: The North Koreans cannot be trusted with a nuclear device except for peaceful means. I emailed someone the other day: I trust no one with a nuclear device. I don’t believe in nuclear energy in the first place – the risks are much greater than the gifts of the atom unleashed.

Like: Peoples are using peoples to terrorize peoples. A terrible misuse of thousands of bodies and minds, not to mention the millions of dollars spent to lay waste all those. You shall not abet murder.

That’s a glimpse of The World According To Worp.

Now, The Word According To Worp.

I invented the word worp quite a few years ago (would you believe 10?), because I wanted a shortcut for the term word processing. Verb: worp, worps, worped, worping. Noun: worp, worper, worping. Also, I needed a new term to give people the idea that I do have a different idea about worping. I’m a worper. I use the worp not simply to process words but more so ideas. I beg to differ. I define worping (or word processing, if you like) as working with words and ideas. If you have dived deep into the menu of Microsoft Word like I have, you will note that The Word (Word XP or Word 2003, even Word 97) has an outline-organize feature that I have found not only useful but indispensable in my writing and editing. I use The Word as my worp. With the use of a stylesheet (The Word now calls it template like everybody else), I can create an outline even out of my jumbled thoughts and notes from my readings and from my surfings, by which I get ideas how to organize the hodgepodge of it now and later. I’m writing from the Philippines. Last Friday the 13th (October 2006), I submitted an essay for a national contest sponsored by the Philippine Jaycees and the Philippine Graphic (a weekly magazine) on this theme: ‘The Brotherhood of Man transcends the sovereignty of nations.’ In one week, I had 10 drafts of my essay, confined to not less than 700 but not more than 800 words. My first draft was a list of things I wanted to say; my second draft was the beginning of organizing into subheads (The Word calls them ‘headings’) and texts. I went down to Level 2 only; when I collapsed the whole document (first it was 6 pages, or 1600 words, doublespaced, 12 pt Times New Roman), I could see where I was going, or where I was not – put this heading first or last? Demote this heading to text, or promote this text to a heading? I need to reduce text here; I need to introduce more text there. I’m happy to report that I was happy with my essay. You can be the best writer you can be with The Word.

I realize of course that there are some people who would not touch a computer keyboard with a ten-foot pole, like one of my favorite writers, Ray Bradbury. I understand; the computer is intimidating. Me, I used The Word to write this entry, as I do every blog entry I write – and I have quite a number of blogs. Do I like Bill Gates? Next question, please. Do I own Microsoft stocks? I don’t even own Microsoft socks. But The Word is a worp like no other software, including OpenOffice Writer, and I’m a worper. I write, but I’m not a published writer in my own country. It’s difficult to live with that. What do they say about prophets? A prophet is not without honor except in his own country. I can live with that. I blog because I want to be published on my own terms and I can see that blogging is the revenge of the unpublished writer. I am a writer, even if my own country doesn’t acknowledge it. Indeed I can claim (even exclaim): I blog, therefore I am.

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2 Comments on “I blog, therefore I am.”

  1. JeanAnn Brown Says:

    My husbands nickname is Worper. He’s had it for at least 20 years, so I’m sure you “invented” the word. It is funny to see someone other then his friends use the word worper. Over the years the nickname has spread to our children “Jr. Worpers” and even refered to a group of us. The name can when one of his friends said he was “warped” fordoing some of the things he did and they changed the spelling to worper. So from one Worper to another, HELLO

  2. JeanAnn,

    I invented “worp” because I wanted a shorter word to mean “word processor” – and “worper” came out to mean the one using the word processor. Nice meeting another Worper!

    I also blog at frankahilario.com

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