La Finca, A Creative Place


La Finca, A Creative Place

A creative wind wafted into Lipa City and out of that emerged La Finca. You are looking at a very creative image from Aras01 who captions it simply ‘Farm Girl’ ( Note what the child has clasped in her hand and think of what she’s trying to say in that divine pose. That is what La Finca is trying to say!

If you want to be technical about it, La Finca means the country estate or the country house, according to the Spanish-English Dictionary of Microsoft Encarta (2006). I prefer to be lyrical about it and first recite a stanza from the poem ‘Auguries of Innocence’ by William Blake, British poet, painter and printmaker, the greatest artist of Britain according to Northrop Frye (Wikipedia), the greatest total artist of Britain, I might qualify:

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.
William Blake, from ‘Auguries of Innocence’

We did not see a grain of sand but we saw heaven in a mild flower today, 11 November 2006; we beheld Infinity with our own eyes; and we enjoyed eternity in an hour in Lipa City in Batangas in Southern Luzon, the Philippines. We were at a creative place called La Finca, near Mount Malarayat. Dr Tony Oposa Sr, surgeon extraordinaire, and I was the guest of Totoy Garcia, with Marissa driving us to and from that certain place where the rich earth has become an invitation for wealth to visit upon wealth.

La Finca has been designed to be a community of peoples from whatever parts of the world who share a kindred spirit of having a place to live, of possessing your own corner of the Earth to breathe in fresh air all the time, owning a piece of rich land to savor the joy of farming personally – and, from your place, the pleasure of a short walk to the Country Club with its facilities for a health spa, tennis, gym, Jacuzzi and swimming pools. A personal, total community.

For the rich to live in their respective second home in the country and work on their first farm on their own is a creative idea. If nothing else, it is productive and it enriches the mind.

The Country Club is where you find the artist imitating life. I particularly loved the tables and chairs made of wood plus wood – even the nails used were wood. Totoy G explained that the designer was more of an artist than anything else – and it showed.The artist was able to make the elegance in wood come out. Marissa sat on one of the low tables and it didn’t flinch an inch; I tapped and tried to lift it and couldn’t believe it was solid wood.

The wild flowers are in the mountain range called Mount Malarayat, a sight away in the distance; the mild flowers are in the gardens of the homeowners who have built their country houses there, a sight for sore eyes.

Infinity? I measured that one and estimated its length and width with my average pace of 2.3 ft (from a lab exercise in Engineering at UP Los Baños years ago). Infinity is 45 feet by 75 feet – Infinity is the swimming pool whose water overflows into empty space that when you’re in the pool with just your head showing, the whole thing looks like an infinite body of water that has no beginning and no end. And you go down, down, down step by step into the lap pool, as you wish. For children of all ages. A joy to behold, a joy to be held in.

Eternity is our stay of about one hour at the Country Club, where our spirits were revived by the nice cool breeze wafting at 1200 ft above sea level.

There are no perimeter walls in this modern village, just bushes and picket fences. This is open country. Let the creative wind blow and let it make fresh as well as refresh friendships.

La Finca is a 20-hectare dual-purpose farm-house real estate property development project of Mancom Berhad of Malaysia and Constant Builders and Development Corporation of the Philippines, good for about 120 houses. The design is by Leandro Locsin & Partners; the landowner is the RL Umali Group of Companies, Every property is a minimum of 1000 square meters, and you can build your house only in 25% of that space. If you want more details, call (632) 889-9999 or email your questions at or If you have to ask how much the property costs, you can’t afford it.

From the current ownership list, La Finca is an international community. Is La Finca asking peoples of the world to return to Mother Nature? I rather think it is, but it is more asking peoples to return to self and rediscover the basics of life: family, farm and community.

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