The Boys Who Cried Wolf

gertrud-k-one-world-bear.jpg‘One World Bear’ by Gertrud K

Stop the fire
Stay the ice
Start the peace

The Global Doubters: I imagine them calling the UN experts on climate change ‘The Boys Who Cried Wolf’ – referring to those who released the first part of their report to the world on 02 February 2007. For the last 6 years, more than 600 scientist members of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have been analyzing data and observations on climate change. Last Friday, they came up with a ‘Summary for Policymakers’ of their complete report entitled Climate Change 2007. My summary of that summary is this: Global warming is here, and it is man-made.

In relation to data in the past 250 years, it has been seen that:
There is global warming.
The ice caps are melting.
The seas are rising.

That’s as far as scientific data. What about observable data, what you can see with your own eyes, or feel with your own flesh? Unless you’re not looking, or you refuse to look, or you refuse to feel, these are pretty obvious. Climate change is ‘unequivocal,’ say the IPCC experts. No question about it. Not debatable.

Can we stop climate change? The experts say climate change is unstoppable. But we can mitigate the human contributions that abet it, such as the gas emissions coming from cars and trucks (mostly carbon dioxide) and agriculture (methane and nitrous oxide).

I say that on the assumption that we have Noah’s Faith and build Noah’s Ark. By ‘Noah’s Faith’ I mean an undiminished hope that this is not the end of the world but only a cleansing; by ‘Noah’s Ark’ I mean structures and systems and instrumentalities to help us ride over the tempest in the coming weeks, months, years.

‘Stop the fire’ means if we reduce our gas emissions from the transportation industry, we can reduce the ill-effects of rising temperatures. ‘Stay the ice,’ means if we reduce our gas emissions from agriculture, we can reduce the volume of ice caps and the rate they are melting. ‘Start the peace’ means let’s stop all wars and work in peace even with our enemies.

Now, all those are ideals, meaning they’re almost impossible to achieve. Precisely! Goals cannot be ideals if they are easy to reach.

Truth to tell, I’m happy with the report of the UN that climate change is threatening the world. You know what that means? Climate change is no respecter of persons – or religion. If the Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Buddhists, Taoists, Muslims etc don’t work together on mitigating climate change, we will all receive our just rewards all at the same time from 3 different mighty forces of nature:

Global warming
Ice caps melting
Seas rising.

Now I can tell you about the bear in that photograph and this blogpost. The bear as symbol means both power and healing. As best as I know, power is physiological, healing is psychological. The muscular power of a bear is obvious; the power to nurture and protect is not so obvious. Least obvious of all is the healing power associated with the bear – in winter, the bear hibernates, sleeping for a great length of time. That’s where the healing comes from.

All that suggests to us that the muscular power (mechanical energy) can be used as a force for selfish purposes, or as a force for the tribal good. It is necessary to summon the healing power (spiritual energy) by stopping all activities for some time. Stop the war. Stay the ice, Start the peace …

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