The Phoenix Rises

The CX Rises

darkmatter-phoenix-rising.jpg‘Phoenix Rising’ by DarkMatter

Today, 19 February 2007, my son Dinggoy was watching on TV the 2004 remake of the 1965 film The Flight Of The Phoenix; this stars, the ones I recognize, Dennis Quaid (as Frank Towns, the leader) and Hugh Laurie (of ‘Dr House’ fame) and Giovanni Ribisi (as Elliott, designer of model planes).

I wasn’t actually watching the remake, but I saw enough to make me remember the 1965 movie, directed by Robert Aldrich ( The basic plot is that there is a plane crash in the desert, miles and miles away from all help, and the passengers must keep their wits in order to survive – and they must get out of there before their food and water run out. One of the passengers say he is a designer of model airplanes, and asserts that they can build a flyable plane from what remains of their plane. In the 1965 version, the passengers all laugh – in derision. A builder of toy airplanes? This must be a sick joke! The full essay

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