Technorati, here i come?

‘Technorati Wuz Here’ by CourtneyP

Small i, months before this, I have been largely ignoring Technorati because I wasn’t after becoming the #1 blogger in the world (the most popular) – with my weird ideas, it’s a perfectly impossible dream. I also don’t blog for the commercials – the commercials blog me, meaning to say the commercials are what I write, whatever. I don’t sell products, not your usual products anyhow – I sell ideas, not your usual ideas anyhow. But I’d like to get noticed too, and so here I am: Frank’s Technorati ProFiler

When I saw this image by CourtneyP, I laughed. The paradigm shifts; the usual form of course is ‘Frank wuz here.’ I think that ‘Technorati wuz here’ – its wit – puts Technorati’ in its proper place: it cannot exist without the ‘here’ and the ‘now’ – and I’m glad I’m quite a few of the 5.5 million heres and nows; Matt says 5.5 M (blogsites) and I believe Matt – I have blogs, and their name is legion. Glance to your right under ‘Blogroll’ and you’ll get the idea. You don’t (or shouldn’t) shoot people if you don’t enjoy doing it; you don’t (or shouldn’t) blog if you don’t relish it and won’t enjoy reading your own blogs again and again. I do too. In fact, I enjoy revising them again and again. Nobody’s perfect!

I have been partial to Google Blog Search; today, I have to be partial to Technorati too. I just did a quick comparison, and this is what I got in my search for “power of blog” (English pages) – Google BS 405, Technorati BS 3,045. So now, which one should I be using all the time? Both. I will even use Yahoo Search. It’s not only the number of English pages found that’s important. It’s also the filtering. What one finds, the other misses. Of the browsers roaming the Internet, nobody’s perfect.

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