The 1st Philippine Blog Awards


Blogal Pinoys Make History

I just came back from history. #176 was my ticket.

Global Pinoys is what I have just witnessed with my own eyes. Blogal Pinoys. (I’m the Pinoy who invented the word blogal – you can read it in American Chronicle if you click The Blogal Village Voice). (05 April: I have a new dedicated blogsite, The BlogFather, and it’s all about the art & heart of blogging, not to mention the Blog Awards.)

It’s 2353 hr Saturday, 31 March 2007; I got back home about an hour ago from Makati, where The 2007 Philippine Blog Awards, the very first such awards, had been held early this evening at the 4th Floor of the RCBC Plaza which is located at one end of Ayala Boulevard and a corner of Gil Puyat (Buendia) Avenue. This was history in the making, and I’m glad I was there from beginning to end. My son Jomar had invited me.

The first deserves a first: RCBC Plaza is the first IT Zone in Makati designated by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority, ‘giving its locators and tenants a package of tax incentives designed to attract foreign investments in the areas of computer and knowledge-based operations’ (MBC, Among other things I like to note, RCBC Plaza has fiber-optic telecommunication facilities.

Quality reminds us of quality: My overall impression of the Blog Awards night itself is that it had high-quality content, high appeal and context, if not also high-quality design – I’ll give it 4 out of 5 stars. It just so happens that the venue was the Carlos P Romulo Auditorium. CPR, as Ambassador Romulo was fondly called in his time, was / is the Philippines most famous international intellectual star. He was the first Asian to win the Pulitzer Prize for Correspondence, in 1942; he also became Secretary General of the United Nations. Later, CPR became a beloved President of the University of the Philippines. His life proved that the Filipinos can be among the best in the world if they wanted to. Filipino bloggers can be among the best in the world if they set their heart to it.

I said the Blog Awards has made history. More than its being the first of its kind in the Philippines, the Blog Awards have proclaimed not only to the Filipinos but more so abroad that the Pinoy Big Blogger (one who has more daring) is now a medium with a message: ‘You’ll hear from me whether you like it or not.’ It is now official: The giant called Pinoy Blogging has awakened.

Now, all Pinoy bloggers have to learn is how to gather their individual strengths to obtain synergy so that we Pinoys can rule the world.

I have always maintained in my stout heart that IT is where Filipinos can and will rule quite a few worlds among many probable worlds in Asia and the rest of the world. I have always had faith in Pinoy IT. The IT worlds of programming, robotics, knowledge management, IT education for instance.

The potential is there. English is the universal language of IT, science, education, care-giving whatever. We Filipinos can handle English like we were born with it. Take my case, a 67-year-old writer who has been using Microsoft Word since the late 1980s, who is a non-programmer and who sees that, even with Word 2007 just released and OpenOffice Writer just revised, word processing (that which I shorten to worping) remains quite intimidating to use, non-intuitive, non-user-friendly, despite the claims. I should know. I learned not only to use but to master WordStar years ago when some of you weren’t born yet, WordPerfect in the late 1980s, and Word also in the late 1980s – I’m a writer, remember? I’m also an editor, so all the more reason to master my worping. And so I know that a word processor (worp) that a beginner can master in 1,440 minutes (24 hours) is nowhere to be found. I have had a good idea of how to program such a worp for the last 3,650 days (10 years) – all I need to find is some funding to fertilize the egg cell (as it were), bring that thing to full maturity, deliver it by natural means, announce the birth, and proclaim to the world the achievement of a Pinoy Blogger.

I understand the Philippine Blog Awards was the idea of Abe Olandres (, Gail dela Cruz-Villanueva ( and Jayvee Fernandez ( In late 2006, they thought of this project ‘to recognize quality content in the Philippine blogosphere’ (souvenir program). I salute them for believing, first of all, in themselves, and in the Pinoy Blogger.

My congratulations too to the Awards Night Volunteers:
Noemi Dado * Jomar Hilario * Carlo Roxas * Lizbeth Buenaflor * Juned Sonido * Jun Asis * Bimbo Isidro * Chris Haravata * Darwin Sotto * Eric Dormido * Elber Cruz * Joni Ang * JR Ignacio * Karla Redor * LA Lomarda * Mae Paulino * Marc Villanueva * Markku Seguerra * Moslemen Macarambon Jr * Migs Hipolito * Migs Paraz * Rhiza Sanchez * Shari Cruz * Tina Matanguihan* Vida Cuaresma * Will Garcia.

My congratulations too to the judges:
Dean Alfar, multi-awarded writer (Palanca Awards)
Gail dela Cruz-Villanueva, entrepreneur & award-winning WordPress theme designer
Jayvee Fernandez, Problogger, Contributing Editor for Mobile Philippines & Channel Editor for b5media
Adel Gabot, Group Editor for Hinge-Inquirer Publications, former broadcaster and founder of DWKX-FM, Palanca Award winner
Annalyn Jusay, contributor & blog columnist for Manila Bulletin
Malou Mangahas,
Editor in Chief of & Co-Host of TV Show Palaban
Abraham ‘Yuga’ Olandres, multi-awarded writer (Palanca Awards)
Miguel Paraz, pioneer in Philippine ISP industry
Melissa Petri, International Travel Blogger & Network Blogger for b5media, Know More Media & Creative Weblogging
Derek Punzalan, CSS & WordPress Theme Guru
Manual L Quezon III, political pundit & editorial columnist of the Philippine Daily Inquirer
JV Rufino, Editor in Chief,
Jolo Santos, CSS Ninja, UI Architect and developer for Eskwela & Xackup
Bryan Veloso, Creative Director at Facebook, Developer at AutomAttic, award-winning Blogger & internationally known designer
Connie Veneracion, Filipina Problogger & columnist for Manila Standard Today

And my congratulations to the winners who were:

Main Category Awards
Best Personal Blog, (Shari Cruz)
Best Technology Blog, Leon Kilat ::: The Cybercafe Experiments (
Best Travel Blog, IVan About Town (Ivan Henares)
Best Entertainment Blog,
Best Home & Living Blog, Wifely Steps (
Best Fashion & Lifestyle Blog, Bryanboy: Le Superstar Fabuleux
Best Socio-Political Blog, Philippine Commentary (
Best News & Media Blog, Inside PCIJ (
Best Business/Entrepreneur Blog, Reflections of a BizDrivenLife (
Best Sports & Recreation Blog, who rides a vespa? (
Best Photo Blog, Señor Enrique (
Podcast Of The Year, Happy Slip (

Special Awards
Best Blog Design, Far From Neutral Notions (Jorge Cosgayon,
Best OFW Blog, kwentong tambay (
Best Free Custom Theme, Blu3zin3 (Tew Reonal,
Best Plug-In / Extension Blog, iPAP (Markku Seguerra,
Bloggers’ Choice Award, MarketManila (

I have something special about the list below – Globe shows that it cares much about Pinoy bloggers (Globe, we hear you! Loud and clear):

Globe Special Awards
Blog Achievement Award, The Mommy Journals (Connie Veneracion,
Pinoy Ako Blog Award, ederic@cyberspace (
Family Blog Award, Touched By An Angel (
Blogirl Award, (Lizbeth Buenaflor,
Deliblog Award, Dessert Comes First (

The last entry gives me the clue on how to end this – I’ve been rewriting the whole thing and didn’t know where / when to stop. I’m writing this very line 01 April 2007 at 1209 hr. Last night, when I heard ‘Dessert Comes First’ mentioned as a finalist, I said to Abbie (who was sitting next to me, to her right Fr Stephen Cuyos) wow, I would have written like that myself. And the 1st (2007) Philippine Blog Awards? That was just dessert, friends. Dessert comes first!

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22 Comments on “The 1st Philippine Blog Awards”

  1. Angela Says:

    Good article. You might light to check your markup though, as half of the article is a link. 🙂

  2. AYEZA Says:

    awww thank you so much for the nice comments you left in Balikbayan Box. Ill be away for hunting eggs in Las Vegas for the Easter weekend. Not literally hehehe Ill send you an email when i get back.

    Thanks again!

  3. Nancy Reyes Says:

    Thanks for the “headsup”. Sounds like a great night. Sorry I missed it.

  4. Angela, thanks.
    Ayeza, do you have to go hunting eggs at all?
    Nancy, it was great – in the spirit.

  5. toni Says:

    Hi Frank! I wish I had met you last night. Thanks for the link heads up!

    This is just the beginning. Blogging is indeed a powerful tool, and last night was proof of what a lotof bloggers can achieve together. Congrats to all!

  6. ChrisH Says:

    Sir Frank, Haravata po ang last name ko… di po Havarata… hehehe… /no1

  7. […] Empress Maruja Yugatech Leon Kilat Myepinoy Wish You Were Here Bryanboy Stop Stay Start Juicelog The Dork Factor En Route Retwerx About My Recovery The Lonely Vampire Basang Panaginip […]

  8. Marni Says:

    Good article! thanks also for dropping by my site. 🙂

  9. Chris, look again please. (I just corrected it.)

  10. Chris, I just looked and I copied correctly your family name from the Blog Awards website – except that what I copied was incorrect. So I believe you have another comment to make elsewhere.

  11. Aileen Apolo Says:

    Nice meeting you po last night! Ambait bait po ng anak niyo! 🙂

  12. Sasha Says:

    Twas great meeting you po! 🙂

  13. People: Nice meeting you too. Looking back at it — It was great just to be there.

  14. ChrisH Says:

    thanks, thanks po… you are right, i have another comment to make… 😀

  15. Gail Says:

    I had a feeling you were Jomar’s dad when we talked around the coffee booth! 🙂 See you po in the next blogging event!

  16. What a great way to end the Philippines Blog Awards – a good press article to spread the news! Thanks, Frank!

  17. ia Says:

    Great post. I love the history behind the venue, even the part about CP Romulo himself.

    I learned Wordstar when I was a kid, but I never “got” it back then. I didn’t understand why you had to surround text you wanted to become bold with ^B. And now I live and breathe xHTML tags when it is essentially the same concept from that old word processor. ^_^

    (I have a feeling we were the ones sitting behind you during the awards night!)

  18. You remember ^B! I loved WordStar’s ^QP (Quick, Put me back to where I was when I interrupted myself!). Yes, the old has a way of coming back to us. I’m not a programmer; I know just a little HTML; mostly I avoid HTML by writing and formatting my blogs first using Word (Word XP is fine; Word 2007 is the Big Bad Wolf; I’m using Word 2003).

    I was sitting next to Abbie who was sitting next to Fr Stephen, the one who said ‘A Blogger’s Prayer’ – I was the one laughing while Fr Stephen was praying. In case you misunderstand, I’m a Roman Catholic. Sometimes I’m funny too.

  19. Michael Says:

    For tolerance of each others belief:
    Dedicated to Pinoy Bloggers

  20. Tolerance is nothing, amounts to nothing – it must be unity, solidarity, togetherness, networking – which is the whole idea / ideal of blogging.

  21. liz Says:

    Hello po! I remember letting you sign the registration form and giving you the ID…Wow, how I wish my father can blog too…ang kaso he doesn’t even know how to use the computer Hehe.

  22. The first thing about computers is awe. Liz, if I could visit you, I could show your father how now to be afraid of the PC. Did you know I was already 45 when I first learned to use the PC? A girl taught me the basics of WordStar. The PC then is nothing like the PC now. You probably weren’t born yet: 1985. Then I taught myself; since then I have been teaching myself, asking some questions, reading books. Blogging? Jomar had to convince me. Now blogging comes naturally.

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