Faith, Hope, Love & Insight

‘Light & Shadows, Coming & Going’ by Gloria

The Basic 4 Of Creativity

There is unity in diversity – if you can find it. This post is in fact a collection of Pages with their individual titles written over 28 days, 01 May to 28 May. I have decided to collect them as one post because the titles for Pages are too small to be readable by a reader, namely me, and I don’t know how to change it. I also want to put in a photograph. Readability is always #1, even if it is only a question of font size.


Today, 1 May, I was reading Carl Jung’s Modern Man In Search Of A Soul (1933, Harcourt Brace & Company), I mean I was browsing, and when I reached page 226, I saw this:

There are many well-educated patients who flatly refuse to consult the clergyman. With the philosopher they will have even less to do, for the history of philosophy leaves them cold, and intellectual problems seem to them more barren than the desert. And where are the great and wise men who do not merely talk about the meaning of life and of the world, but really possess it? Human thought cannot conceive any system or final truth that could give the patient what he needs in order to live: that is, faith, hope, love and insight.

Jung has inspired me to inspire others further. To live, to have faith, hope, love and insight. (Which on 27 May, I began to consider as The Basic 4 Of Creativity – this is my insight into Jung’s non-hierarchy of needs. In fact, he presented the 4 as graces.)

This website started with the name Then I noticed that that is too obvious, so I changed it to GLORiA, Filipinas! With the tag: ‘Get Lost, Out! Relating Is All — Multi-lateral thinking is Frank Hilario’s new advocacy for his old country.’ I got tired of that. And now this; IT’s GLORiA’s.

Today, 8 May, following the example of iGoogle, I’m renaming this site iGLORiA, right after IT’s GLORiA’s. Yes, iGLORiA is a lot of things. (1) GLORiA is my newfound formula for creativity, as I said before on this page before I revised it. Get Lost, Out! Relating Is All. This can be demonstrated in a workshop, and I’m preparing for one right now. (2) I’m Gloria. This is mine. (3) The small i refers to insight, intuition as well as information technology. Now that I know enough of it to be doing my own website, it’s easy to say: it’s wonderful, it’s glorious.

And today, the tagline reads like this:
‘(TO LiVE, TO HAVE) FAiTH, HOPE, LOVE AND iNSiGHT’ – Carl Gustav Jung, psychologist and thinker

Note the small i occurring 4 times, emphasizing the role of the individual in living, having faith, hope, love and insight. For Jung to have added ‘insight’ to The Biblical Three shows his creativity.

Today, 26 May, a Saturday (Manila time), I have revised the tagline further to: ‘FAiTH, HOPE, LOVE AND iNSiGHT (Carl Jung) – THE SECRET OF CREATIVITY?’ (Frank Hilario). More intriguing, I would say.

Today, 27 May, I have revised the name to i, GLORiA. Sounds better, more memorable, by itself more meaningful. (This is not an imitation of iGoogle anymore.) And I have revised the tagline to read: ‘holding on to FAiTH, HOPE, LOVE AND iNSiGHT (Carl Jung) – THE FOUNDATIONS 4 OF CREATIVITY”

Today, 28 May, it’s ‘am holding on to FAiTH, HOPE, LOVE AND iNSiGHT (Carl Jung) – THE BASIC 4 OF CREATIVITY (Frank Hilario)’

‘Windows For Wise Guys’

Today, 15 May, having written about dummies (‘To All You Dummies In The World. Or De Bono Debugged’), I expect in the next few months book titles like Windows For Wise Guys, Word For Wise Guys, WordPerfect For Wise Guys. You’re no dummies, wise guys! I could write the first two myself, but I don’t have a publisher.

Beyond De Bono’s Po

Today, 15 May 2007, after writing my ‘To All You Dummies In The World. Or, Debugging De Bono’ here on this website, I remembered that I had a few books of de Bono – I found 4 of them: Lateral Thinking: Creativity Step By Step (1970, Harper & Row), Po: Beyond Yes and No (1972, Pelican Books), Future Positive (1979, Penguin Books), Simplicity (1998, Penguin Books).

Browsing the four, I find that de Bono differentiates lateral thinking from creative thinking, the first as a process and the second as a result – a fine distinction; they are to me both process and result. I find also that I have in fact not only demystified de Bono’s lateral thinking but also redefined the thinking device he calls ‘Po’ and which he says is ‘beyond Yes and No.’ He is being logical about it, which he shouldn’t be, explaining the creative process. What I have written is that No is as acceptable as a Yes, and with that attitude, the creative juice will continue to flow. After all, you are only brainstorming! I have more faith in Po than de Bono has. All you have to do with a No is to accept it as it is (in which case it becomes a Yes), and then go on. For all you know, you may find out after your brainstorm that the best idea had come from what was clearly a No. He himself tells a story of how he invented an anti-gravity crawler, in his book The Mechanism Of Mind (I lost my copy). Can a man-made thing crawl on the ceiling? His Po mind said Yes when it was logical that it was a No. Try saying Yes to No sometime!

‘Finding One’s Voice’

Today, 20 May 2007, with my latest post, ‘The Children Of Maidanek,’ I feel I have found my voice. I have been writing for the last 50 years but infrequently; today, I noticed that I have been writing regularly for the last 5 weeks starting 15 April, and Maidanek made me realize this is where I belong: the Web, aka (alternatively known as) the Internet. I think this feeling is a result of my decision to publish first in my own website before I submit to American Chronicle because I don’t have to wait for 24 hours for my article to be processed and approved for publication. The Web is for instant publishing, and I have the power.

#1 In Creative Thinking

25 May: Whose blog is all creative writing? You’ll be surprised.

’71 million blogs … some of them have to be good,’ Matt used to say in Technorati. Some, yes, I agree. Creative writing must be good. Yet, I have just googled and technoratied, and found none of those blogs is completely focused on creative writing, except one: iGLORiA. And you know what? Neither Google nor Technorati found my blog entry, ‘To All The Dummies In The World’ – dummy to them both! Posted 15 May, my blog says in part, ‘That’s creative thinking, a Wrinker Act. Creative writing: I can think up and write a highly original 1000-word feature article in 24 hours. Google and Technorati have yet to be better than good.

There is one ‘Rose of Sharon’ writing in the blogsite Creative Writing Corner ( She writes about books, favorite books, life, movies, her stories, news, other peoples’ stories etc. She’s struggling with it, and that’s part of the lesson of creative writing. She’s okay, as far as that goes, although her blogsite says her Archives track back to only August 2006, yet her posts are dated otherwise, as on 24 March 2004 and 06 December 2003. She has yet to be better than okay.

So, iGLORiA is the #1 blog in creative writing in the world; it has to be – well, it’s the only one. iGLORiA is different in that it is entirely dedicated, totally devoted to creative writing. It is not about creative writing: it is itself creative writing. That is, each entry is a productive mix-match of ideas new and old. And every post is an article with a beginning, middle and end. The beginning is always interesting if not intriguing; the middle whets your appetite for more; and the end leaves you with a smile on your lips or a blush on your cheeks – or open your eyes.

What you see in iGLORiA is always a feature article, not simply a journal entry, a hanging thought, a stray thought, or unconsummated musings. It is always a piece of creative writing. I want to show that any man (embracing woman) can do creative writing on any topic in the universe, even in a field where he knows nothing about. All you need to do in creative writing is? Creative thinking. Each of my posts is an example of that. Each piece of writing is a lesson of that. Except in these ‘Pages,’ iGLORiA is the only blog now wholly onto creative thinking translated into creative writing in wholes, not in parts. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 26 May 2007

Variety Is The Spice Of Blogs

28 May: If you haven’t noticed already, the ads shown by Google AdSense in this website are as varied as can be. They only reflect the variety of contents of my blog. The posts, taken one by one and together, are all intended to show that one can indeed be creative always, not being afraid to take ‘the road less travelled’ (Robert Frost), not being of light & shadows, of coming and going.

This post is essentially details about this blogsite, the whats & whens & whos & whys & hows. The entry as a whole shows how ideas developed and turned this website into the living proof of what it claims: That one can be creative as long as one has faith, hope, love and insight. How does one gain insight? That’s the problem! That is why every piece of writing here contains an insight that wasn’t there before.

So, what about what I call The Basic 4 Of Creativity (creative thinking, creative writing)?

Faith. You must have faith at least in yourself. Better for creativity if you have faith in a higher intelligence you cannot understand. If you can understand it, it’s science, not faith. If you go after creativity using science, which is to say, using mathematics or logic or reason, I doubt that you will ever be creative.

Hope. If despair rules your life, how can you be creative at all? If you don’t have it, how do you acquire hope? Faith and hope go together. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Always hope for the best! If you don’t have hope, your faith is not complete.

Love. Love is a different species, or is it? You have to define love by your faith, what you believe in. I tell you, if you can love despite everything, then you can be creative – not to mention happier.

Insight. The appearance of insight is the proof that you have gone through a creative process. Failing in that, I know you have only been through a critical process. You can’t have Eureka! moments if you can’t have insight moments – they are one and the same. Insight is when you suddenly realize a link, a connection, a relationship between or among things that weren’t supposed to have something in common, or were even considered opposites or contradictory. To gain insights, collect Po moments. And how do you do that? For ideas, read ‘To All The Dummies In The World. Or, De Bono Debugged’ elsewhere in this blogsite: Use Google Search. The use of De Bono’s Po is a great secret in creativity; once you learn it, you will gladly go and fructify!

Copyright 29 May 2007 by Frank A Hilario
Researched for, written, organized-reorganized & formatted via Microsoft Word 2003.


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