George Will, You’re A Genius!


Also published by American Chronicle in a slightly different form

Being An Ode To The i

George Will writes for the Washington Post and for everybody else; I write for myself. I write about software; George writes about soccer (football to you) – now there’s a match and a play; now therein lies genius.

George Will is what I get for ogling at the Flickr Slides girls using the selective lens of iGoogle, the new homepage of Google, another genius (shown above partially). Today, June 03, Google Quotes Of The Day catches my attention, particularly:

Football is a mistake. It combines the two worst elements of American life. Violence and committee meetings. – George F Will

Violence: Surfing, I like the quote on violence from Theodore Roosevelt, your genius of a President: ‘If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month’ ( It’s the i (small case) in your GENiUS that is responsible.

Committee: It’s the i, not the Committee, that always makes the difference, that always gives us great works, great writing, great plays, great games.

The i is what gave us the personal computer (the PC); first, the i was Steve Jobs, who conceived of the virtual PC; then the i was Steve Wozniak, who delivered the real PC. An i for an i, and the two geniuses revolutionized the world of computing. It is now the Apple of my i.

Yes, George, genius will never come out of a Committee, except a Committee of 1, the i. They kicked Steve Jobs in the pants when Apple stopped believing in his genius as a Committee of i.

Singapore, the most-touted city of Asia, was built not on a day but on an i, the i of Lee Kuan Yew, a genius in his own right.

Microsoft Corporation has been built on one i and one i alone: BiLL GATES’. Bill Gates is a marketing genius; he’s best built for Microsoft. But Microsoft Word, along with the rest of the Microsoft Office suite, has been built by a Committee – and now we will see that George Will is right about Committees. In my own words:

There is no such species as a Creative Committee, unless it is a Committee of i.

Committees operate as creatures, not creators. To me, no examples are more dramatic than in the area of software, such as the OS (operating system) for personal computers. I remember OS/2 being developed by IBM with Microsoft starting in 1985 (; that was 2 years after the release of Return Of The Jedi (Episode VI of Star Wars) by George Lucas ( I was rooting for George and OS/2, not Windows. It was an expensive proposition (not for me) – it turned out years later to be at the expense of IBM when instead of OS/2, Microsoft pushed Windows so hard that the windows of IBM cracked. But the wheels of Yankee justice turn, if ever so slowly. 20 years later, we have Revenge Of The Jedi: On 2005 July 01, Microsoft was ordered by the US Justice Department to pay IBM $775 million plus $75 million in software credit (John Markoff, So be careful even with a Committee of 2!

I also look at Office Suites, no matter where they come from, as Committee members looking over my shoulder while I work – they bug me. When writing, editing, desktop-publishing, I don’t want to have anything to do with either a spreadsheet (Excel), presentation software (PowerPoint), database program (Access), even the desktop-publisher of Microsoft (Publisher), so why do they keep intruding into my space, not to mention my hard disk?

With Word 2003, I am a Committee of i: I am the lord of all I survey. She does my bidding; such as to refine her language, ‘Insert Object,’ with Tools Customize (my XFactor), I can reword that to, say, ‘Object Of Desire.’

With my XFactor, I have complete control over the creative aspects of my writing, editing and desktop-publishing using Word 2003. This is a metaphor for the Committee of i. For instance, I like to open many Word 2003 files, and then I want to save them with only 1 command – I do that with my XFactor: ‘Save All.’

Being creative with Word 2003 as a Committee of i is also like this: If I were to make my very wish its command, I will come up with many a different command. I have in fact written about this; on January 12 this year, I wrote on ‘Software IQ‘ (, in which I proposed this menu:

Help! File. Revise. Access. Nicen. KnowMore. Surf.

Frank’s Help is divided into Basic, Professional, Advanced, Expert and Master levels – this alone is a Big Help; in fact it’s revolutionary, as nobody has ever thought of it before. File has all the file management commands. Revise includes grammar checking, correcting (words, lines, styles), track changes, bullets & numbering. Access includes View, Print, Scan, Copy, Reduce, Enlarge. Nicen includes bold, italics, drop cap, highlight. KnowMore includes Autocorrect and Customize. Surf includes translation, dictionary, thesaurus, the Internet. Nice Word if you can get it!

Word 2007 is the best example of Committee work – composed on one hand by beta testers and on the other hand, the wise guys of the Microsoft Business Division, the ones who rule the Microsoft Office.

Word 2007 is pretty & difficult; I already said that (‘Call Me User,’ May 31,; it drives me crazy! I said that much earlier (‘Yahoo Bites Microsoft!’ May 05, That Google quote from George Will about soccer explains it all to me now:

With a Star, you win; with a Committee, you lose.

Other Stars: I give Word 2007 a niggardly 3 & 1/2 out of 5 stars, the half for originality.

Other Committees: The Committee of i in the family is best the mother, not the father. In the Philippines, it is. Copying from us, the world ought to be matriarchal, largely wholesome, not quarrelsome.

Copyright 2007 June 04 by Frank A Hilario
Researched for, written, organized-reorganized & formatted via Microsoft Word 2003.


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