The People Cheaters

‘The GO Words’ by Gloria
Also published by
American Chronicle in a slightly different form

Or, How The Opposition Are

Their Own Worst Friends

GO? Fair warning to those opposed to George W Bush, friend of Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, to those who would become US President: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Bill Richardson and the rest of the runners ( You can become your own best enemy. I’m telling you, you can have worse teachers than us Filipinos.

In the May 14 mid-term elections, we Filipinos made history (again), this time showing the whole world the most embarrassing senatorial elections in modern history. And among the winners are … six of those who ran as candidates of the Opposition, two as independents, and all eight stigmatized as plotters of the overthrow of GMA and/or the Philippine government; and the biggest winner yet, their advocate, himself stigmatized as having been corrupt during his term as President. It means that except in the New Testament, stigmatas don’t count in my old Roman Catholic country. We have seen and yet have not believed!

We didn’t plan the May elections that way, and if the Filipinos are not the most embarrassed voters in the universe today, why should I be the most embarrassed Filipino writer who ever lived?

GO, the Genuine Opposition campaigned with the slogan ‘Kontra sa Nakawan, Sagot sa Kahirapan‘ ( My free translation is, measuring up to the euphony and rhythm of the original: ‘The Antidote To Cheating, The Answer To Poverty.’ Great! This was a clear-cut declaration of their faith in themselves who had been accusing people in (and out of) government of cheating the Filipinos in millions, of cheating by the million in the elections of 2004.

‘GO Words: The Antidote To Cheating, The Answer To Poverty’ says my image of a ‘sacramental, blissful golden sun’ that signifies the high-altitude attitude of the GO as enlightened beings on Planet Philippines. I want GO wisdom more than just words, such as the outline of the constitutional framework to prevent corruption in government and stop election frauds. A slogan is not a framework. More laws? Law added to law won’t work, as we know; we have too many laws already – we the Pearls of the Orient Seas are swimming not in The Law of the Seas but in The Sea of Laws.

Here come the lawmakers! All proclaimed by the Commission on Elections as Senators and many self-proclaimed as Saviors of their country, I list them by number of votes counted as of June 06 (
(1) Loren Legarda (18.06 M, Genuine Opposition),
(2) Francis ‘Chiz’ Escudero (17.85 M, GO),
(3) Panfilo ‘Ping’ Lacson (15.26 M, GO),
(4) Manuel ‘Manny’ Villar (15.00 M, Independent),
(5) Francisco ‘Kiko’ Pangilinan (14.22 M, Ind),
(6) Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino (14.05 M, GO),
(7) Eduardo ‘Ed’ Angara (12.18 M, TEAM Unity),
(8) Alan Peter Cayetano (11.56 M, GO),
(9) Joker Arroyo (11.38 million, TU),
(10) Gringo Honasan (11.34 million, Ind).

I see in the list eight individuals who each has a mind of his (embracing her) own, insisting he knows best. Losers!

The last two positions are closely contested by three – (ET Suarez & Ellalyn B de Vera, June 06,
(11?) Antonio ‘Magdalo’ Trillanes (11,056,717, Ind),
(12?) Aquilino ‘Koko’ Pimentel (10,783,696, GO),
(12?) Miguel ‘Migz’ Zubiri (10,660,489, TU).
If Trillanes and Pimentel win, that’s two more headaches for those who are anti-GMA. For instance, Trillanes should know better how to treat a lady, instead of proclaiming ‘GMA is guilty…‘ (March 19, United in war, do the Opposition see now how they themselves can be their most embarrassing friends?

The Opposition are united in being anti-GMA but not united in how to go about it. I see the barbarians are at the gate, but I don’t think they are united on exactly who should lead the siege, or who should be on top when the walls of Jericho come tumbling down. If that’s their agenda for their senatorial lives, I know they will be very busy. Not to mention very frustrated. In disunity, there’s stress.

With the image ‘GO words: The Antidote To Cheating, The Answer To Poverty,’ the national problem of cheating comes to mind:
(1) people cheating in government
(2) people cheating in elections
(3) people cheating people of decent lives.

Since the GO platform does not specify what to do with the people cheaters, and I’m a very impatient man, I shall now prescribe to the GO words that the GO ought to prescribe themselves:
(1) parliamentary system
(2) automated voting
(3) self-sustaining regional governments.

Stop the Parliament of the Streets! I want the Parliament of the Smarts! We don’t need more changers of the law – we need more fundamental changes to the law: Charter Change. Cha-Cha, we need to dance with the times.

My friend Dr O notes that our elections ensure disunity, as we happily elect a minority President, and as we mix-match local and national. He prescribes the French model wherein the President must win at least 51% of the votes cast. Personally, I want a Prime Minister who can be forced to resign by Parliament, to stop corruption or nip incompetence in the bud. I want an automated voting system tomorrow. And I want self-reliant local governments to take care of their own people so that they have nobody to blame but themselves for their ineptitude.

Automated voting and counting? So far, we Filipinos have been averse to machines automatically tallying the votes for us – we are among the best minds in using sophisticated calculators (computers), but Luddites in using less-sophisticated calculators (vote counters) – we cannot suffer these tools gladly.

Can the Opposition deliver on the promise of their own big mouth? Fools themselves cannot suffer fools gladly. Their own GO words come back to haunt them. The people candidates have promised far too much, so now they are slowly becoming the worst enemies of the people voters, whose number is millions. The opposition are now becoming their own worst friends.

They won. They now suffer themselves.

Copyright 2007 June 10 by Frank A Hilario
Researched for, organized-reorganized and formatted via Microsoft Word 2003; HTML-ed using Google Docs.

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