PS, Revolution?

Creative anytime?

If you learn my PS, technique, you can be creative anywhere at anytime with any topic. What you have to do is let go of your critical mind and welcome the creative mind. You can’t do that by just willing it to happen – in fact, willing it to happen guarantees that it will never happen. You cannot be critical first and then proceed to be creative next.

My offer

You have tried all kinds of brainstorming, including Edward de Bono’s ‘Po’ and ‘Six Thinking Hats’ and all those hats, and Ray Bradbury’s word association and Tony Buzan’s mind mapping and you can’t come up with a new idea every minute? I can mentor you using my new mantra for creative thinking – PS, – PS meaning prescript, the comma being a suggestive ‘what else?’ or ‘yes?’ If you scroll down or make a search for PS, you can read my full essay on the subject.

With PS, I can mentor anyone or any group anytime in dynamic creative thinking and get it to become a habit with each individual. Nothing to buy, and I will bring only my notebook PC. If I can’t help you? You’re a hopeless case.

Right now, this offer is good only in the Philippines. Today, Manila; tomorrow, the world!


A little history

Earlier this month, March 2008, I came up with a new concept of Serendipity. One of my favorite stories is that of Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz written by my namesake Frank L Baum. While the story was designed for children, ostensibly, it is really a story for creative minds, which we had as children until we decided, or were trained (habituated) to outgrow our ‘childishness’ and think like adults, that is, logically. Logic is the enemy of creativity.

I am the Wizard of X, based on my own concept of creative thinking, that which I call Serendipity X (and which I introduced in ‘Serendipity X. The Rebel Writer Writes, ‘To X Or Not To X,’, is derived from Horace Walpole’s own brainchild of creative thinking, which he called Serendipity. Serendipity is accidental discovery, that is, a flash of insight from an experience; for my kind of creative thinking, I want something more than once-in-a-while flashes of genius – I want to make the occurrence of those flashes on demand, not dependent on the mood or the moment. The X in Serendipity X therefore represents the exciting unknown …

Today, March 24, I have just come up with PS, a new mantra for creative thinking that anyone can use.

Today, April 03, I have just come up with ‘The PS, Revolution’ as my title to this website. I have just finish writing ‘Mutiny on Oakwood. Senator Trillanes in prison & in denial’ about his revolution.


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